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High Performance Strength and conditioning Coach

Strength and conditioning coach with experience in High Performance, to help you reaching all your goals


Im specialized in strength and conditioning coach for basketball and personal training. I use a science-based approach, with a combination of strength training, resistance, mobility, nutrition and rest to maximize results. My training plans are specifically designed to meet your objectives and needs, so you can achieve your goals. In addition, I can also help you develop a high-performance mindset to achieve your sports goals.

Personal Training

Physical Conditioning Evaluation, goal setting and an specificic training plan to reach them.

High Performance Workouts

With Experience in High Performance Workouts and Specific nutrition plans to help the players reach their peak.

About me

Strength and Conditioning Coach with experience in High performance. Actually working as Strength and Conditioning Coach for Fc Bayern Basketball (Assistant for the Euroleague and BBL Team and Head of Strength and Conditioning for the Youth Department)

Previously Strength and Conditioning Coach at Real Madrid Basketball and Euroleague Junior Champion in 2021 (Adidas Next Generation Tournament)

I have certifications such as FMS, PES (Performance Enhancement Specialization), specialist in cognitive and agility training (FRT)

I have worked in large entities such as...

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